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Hi there!

I am Victoria Soto Madrid, known as Mademoiselle Chocolat. am a visual artist, art teacher and curator. 

After graduating from a Master Degree in Fine Arts in Spain (Murcia) and Italy (Milan) I moved to Rome to pursue my passion for contemporary art studying a Master in curatorship where I had several experiences in art galleries and museums. 

After some short chapters in Madrid & Munich where I worked as an art assistant, I decide  to study a Master in Education to be able to teach art, one of my other big passions.

Italy calls again and I win a scholarship to go to Salerno, a little town in the Amalfi Coast for an internship in a museum.

The next stop will be to a colder place…Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities in the planet and a place that I can call home. I lived there for almost 8 years and it has been a very important phase of my life, personally and professionally. I was involved in different art projects and collectives, I have had participated in several solo and group exhibitions, as and artist and as a curator. Amsterdam, Ik mis je.

Now I am based in my home town, Cabo de Palos, a little fishermen town in the south east of Spain where I live togheter with my husband and our children. In love and inspired by the Mediterranean Sea I keep creating illustrations, paintings and murals. 


Something about my work…

When people asked me when I started painting my answer is always the same: I never stopped drawing and painting! A side of always stayed naive, free and dreamer like  a kid. Painting makes me feel lucky, relaxed and at the same time energetic, strong….it makes me feel HAPPY. I can’t conceive life without art, without color. I want to transmit the same good vibes that I fell creating to every piece I make with my heart, mind and hands. I want that the client has a positive and unique experience when they enjoy my art. 

I have a very expressionist language, and my love for color is obvious. With a very distinct palette I work through secret and textured layers to create rich compositions. Nature, sea life and women are my favourite topics. 


I want to create timeless scenes for people who risk in their walls. Advice from the artist: Safe choices in art can be a bit boring…try something risky for a more spicy experience. 

Thanks for reading and for anything you need go to contact and drop me a line.


Member of @youngbloodinitiative 


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